What to Use: Deciding Between Facebook Group or Facebook Page for your Business

It has been established that the famous most social networking site is Facebook. While the website’s main objective is to create and build bridges with your social circle, it has evolved to a strong business tool as well. Branded as the biggest social networking site, Facebook has surpassed the population of other social media sites and eventually became a global household name. Indeed, a business already on Facebook is a step ahead.

But even today, there are a lot of business owners wants to know what they need to make. A Facebook page or Facebook groups. There are a lot of confusion with these two as they appear same. But looking closer, Facebook Group and Facebook Page have few key differences that make each one unique. So before you decide which one to use and what road to take for your business, here are some information about Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

Facebook Groups, Who needs it?

Facebook groups are pages that you can build within the premises of the Facebook site. It is structured all over by a real life fascination on a topic, hobby or an idea. At times, it can be based with the claim affiliation or association with famous people and probably things. Using this, you can make a community of people or friends that encourages to share and talk about important matters.

Facebook groups gives a big chance to everyone who would like to make online communities. For instance, you can make a community wherein your school batch mates are the only users that can enter. You can set it to private or invitation only or public, where anyone can see. This can serve as a hangout area for you and your friends. Also, you can post relevant messages such as batch reunion in this page without making a tag post. Additionally, you can make a Facebook group that belongs to your interest. You can invite and add users who would like to join in the discussion or who have interest in the group. The feature of Facebook that put into groups is quite amazing. You can chat with your group mates and also it has a built-in email notification that makes easier for the group to be updated on what is happening in the group.

What about the Facebook Page, who needs it?

The other feature that Facebook can provide is called Facebook page. These are pages for businesses, organizations, celebrities and bands. It is geared to transmit relevant information in an official and public manner. This is only applicable to the users who are connected to a specific page. Facebook page is identical with the normal profile or timeline. You can also develop this page. It is intended to communicate and engage with the right audience in a certain way. A Facebook page can be added through the recommendations of a friend, News Feed stories, Facebook events and many more.

Even though a Facebook pages give an abundant pack of features that are not available in Facebook group. The Fan pages enable the same kind of connection as group but with many extra alternatives for customization and personalization. The Facebook page is like Facebook group that has a wall. Though, the Facebook page has many added features like Facebook applications. The Fan page can be customized to appear similarly like a website by the flexibility of using Iframes.

Also, the Fan pages are pages for a popular artist, Hollywood stars (actor and actresses), politicians, brands, marketers, realtors, magazines, writers and many more.

Having a Hard Time Deciding Which One?

In the end, it is up to you which one to choose in building a Facebook reputation for your business, website or blog. You can always choose from the two. It could be a Facebook group that is for inner usage, interaction with a certain group of people or member of your blog; and it could be a Facebook page wherein your follower or subscriber of your blog is the visitor.

Still having a hard time making a decision?  Contact us, we can help you.