4 Common Social Media Myths that Affects Social Media Management

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In the world of online business and marketing, online marketing efforts, strategies or techniques are surrounded by myths.  Usually, this myth are not really helping people and discourages them from using certain techniques for their business.  When social media marketing became one of the most important tools for business, it too faced myths that prevented traditional, old-school entrepreneurs from using them.

Here are the 4 most common social media myths that affects social media management.

  1. “Everyone is on social media” – This byline is always being used by online strategist and internet marketers to attract online businesses and owners who think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites can bring in thousands to millions of potential customers. Most internet marketers if not all will do everything to get online business owners in, which is why this is the most common myth. Social media sites do have millions of visitors, but sharing on these sites alone will not guarantee that you will have millions of visitors on your site or calls to your business.

The fact is not everyone using social media is searching for you. Realistic expectations should be set on the reasonable and realistic amount of visitors and kind of traffic one can generate.  One should make sure that the strategy is focused on the right group of people, otherwise you will just end up with high views with high bounce rates and less conversion.

This is where hiring the right social media management services comes in. They are experts in setting up realistic goals, targeting the right audience and adjusting campaigns to meet set goals.

  1. Social Media Marketing requires companies specializing on social media marketing and management – It depends. The answer can be yes and a no.  Business owners can decide to do this in house.  You don’t need a degree or go through special training to be a social media guru.

As an online business owner, you do have a lot on your plate and employing a social media management services company is the most logical decision you can make to help you take care of your social media tasks. One of the perks of having someone to take care of your social media management is that you will have more time growing the business aside from getting the right traffic to your site for optimum conversion.

  1. Social Media can generate traffic overnight – This again can be a yes and a no. Social media can boost your traffic to your site or company page.  However, it cannot do miracles and bring thousands of visitors overnight.  The right traffic generation grows gradually. What you need here is consistency to maintain the right amount of traffic every day.  You need to schedule your post at the right time so that you will be on top of your audiences’ feeds.  This brings us to the next point.
  1. Social Media Marketing requires a lot of attention and hours of work to be successful – Most business owners cannot spend a few hours of your day to publish updates on your social media accounts, post and share articles in Facebook or LinkedIn, share an infographic on Twitter or reply to comments left by your followers.  You need to ensure that fresh updates are available for your customers or visitors.  This will show them that your business page regularly has something new to offer and replying to comments gives your visitors an idea that your page is an avenue for clients and visitors interaction which can bring in a huge bonus of stepping up your business branding.

One thing to consider here is that you may not have all the hours in a day to monitor, comment and reply to your customers.  Having a social media management agency to schedule your updates, reply to your customers and offer them fresh information about your company is a great help.

Although, social media marketing has its own myths, it should not stop you as a business owner from seeing the advantage of using and leveraging them for your business.

In conclusion, as a business owner, you should not be discouraged by these myths.  Even if internet marketers and online strategist tells you that they can bring in millions of views and visitors using social media, you need to first find the right audience.  Social media can boost traffic, but this cannot be attained overnight. The more consistent your effort is, the more you increase your chances of winning the hearts of your audience. You need to invest at least a couple of hours each day to update your social media accounts. As a business owner, time is valuable.  This is where you have an option to hire a social media management services company that can do these for you.

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4 Common Social Media Myths that Affects Social Media Management
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4 Common Social Media Myths that Affects Social Media Management
Here are 4 most common myths on using social media and how it affects your decisions in employing social media management for your business.
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